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WIPEX® WET Hand & Tool

...are refillable wet wipe dispensers for hand, tool and surface disinfection.

Main fields of application:

Ideal in all industry sectors for the removal of grease, paint, resin, etc.

  • The wipes are abrasive on one side and suitable for cleaning hands.
  • The soft side of the wipe is suitable for cleaning tools and surfaces.
  • The accompanying cleaning liquid is highly effective but still extremely gentle on the skin.
  • WIPEX WET® Hand & Tool has a pleasant citrus scent.
  • Perfect when you're on the go or on the job!

WIPEX WET Hand & Tool starter kit
Art.No. 989870
1 dispenser, plastic, re-usable
2 rolls nonwoven at 120 sheets
2 bottles cleaning agent at 1.000 ml

WIPEX WET Hand & Tool Refill pack
Art.No. 989871
4 rolls nonwoven at 120 sheets
4 bottles cleaning agent at 1.000 ml

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