Our quality brand, WIPEX, stands for an attractive range of varied wiping, cleaning and polishing cloths, paper towel rolls as well as serviettes and table cloths from our own facility. For every area of work there is a suitable product.
Nordvlies offers diverse options for cleaning and hygiene from a single source. An outstanding example from our trade assortment is KATRIN – the famous quality brand for everything the washroom needs.
Papernet is a hygienic product for daily and universal usage. The wide spectrum of products is complemented with new, innovative products such as BioTech, an organic hygiene paper product, and many more.
CHICOPEE cleaning cloths feel most at home wherever exceptional demands are made. The LAVETTE SUPER dishcloth is especially suitable for areas where hygiene is a priority.
In many work areas, strain on hands through dirt and contaminants cannot be avoided. The skin’s most important duty is to protect your hands from these external influences.
This extremely absorbent, economical and fire-retardant fibre material is in its place everywhere where fluid substances (oils, coolants, lubricants and solvents) are removed from floors or other surfaces.