CHICOPEE  …the right solution for every task.

Chicopee cleaning cloths are the specialists when a standard of hygiene or exceptional demands are the matter. The assortment includes, amongst others, dishcloths for usage in hotels, gastronomy and catering – they remove dirt particularly quickly, can be used multiple times and are resistant to chemical cleaning materials.

VeraClean C-Clean  industrial cloths are extremely high-quality and are particularly suitable for cleaning heavily dirtied surfaces or tool parts.

VeraClean Polish  is the name of our lint-free polishing cloths with an above-average absorption capacity.

The best choice for the dry wiping, removal and adhesion of dirt particles, dust or even toner is our unique  Duster Plus  dust binding cloth..

DuraWipes Plus  is the name of our solvent-containing industrial wipes, which guarantee not only the highest cleanliness but also the highest longevity.