Healthy skin with a system

In many work areas, strain on hands through dirt and contaminants cannot be avoided. The skin’s most important duty is to protect your hands from these external influences.

To ensure optimal protection, however, skin must be healthy. The best hand hygiene therefore consists of three different steps:

Skin protection before and during work
By using a skin protection cream before and during work, you can prevent your skin from drying out and thus also significantly reduce the risk of contaminants further penetrating the skin. At the same time you make it easier to clean your skin after work. The cream should be based on your work situation or area of application.

Washing hands
It is very important to thoroughly clean your skin – every day. To clean your skin, however, you should use mild yet effective skin cleansers. Cream soaps for normal hand washing and a hand wash material suited to the cleanliness problem for removing harder build-ups of dirt.

Skincare after work
By using a skincare cream after work, your skin can build up its natural moisture and oil content again. Your skin becomes soft, smooth and resistant again and is thus well prepared for new external influences. It is also smart to use a skincare cream throughout the workday if your skin faces a lot of demands through daily work.

The PLUM product range includes coordinated hand sanitisers and creams that protect and care for the skin, and help it to avoid skin diseases. Environmentally friendly, mild and effective products are a part of the overall concept. Flexible and hygienic dispenser systems complete the range.