…is extremely tear-proof, very soft and lint-free. It stays in shape, is resistant to solvents and is suitable for cleaning of sharp-edged surfaces and tools. WIPEX ® SUPREME products are available as folded wipes.

WIPEX ® Supreme is capable of absorbing 7.8 times its own weight.

Main fields of application:

fine mechanic plants, graphic arts industry, transmission and stainless steel manufacturing for wiping off liquids and fine dust.

WIPEX-SUPREME wipes white
Art.No. 105030
Dimension approx. 30 x 38 cm, z-folded, 65 g/m ²
Packing Unit: carton at 500 sheets (20 sub-packs of 25 cloths)
Palette: 48 cartons

WIPEX-SUPREME wiping roll white
Art.No. 205030
Dimension approx. 30 x 38 cm, 65 g/m ²
Packing Unit: 1 roll at 500 sheets
Palette: 60 rolls