…the power towels in handy, refillable BIG-GRIPâ„¢ dispenser. Thus the perforated wipe roll is perfectly protected against dust, contamination and moistness and the multi-purpose wipes are right at hand.

Main fields of application:

In industrial and automotive plants as well as in food processing as mobile wiping system for removal of liquids and dirt.

WIPEX-WORK Big Grip Dispenser Bucket
Art.No. 55206
Wipe dispenser, plastic, re-usable
incl. 1 roll WIPEX-WORK M-roll
Packing Unit: carton at 6 pieces
Palette: 16 cartons

WIPEX-WORK M-roll blue
Art.No. 55207
Dimension approx. 24 x 38 cm, 85 g/m ²
Packing Unit: 6 rolls at 200 sheets in foil pack
Palette: 36 packaging