Services offered

You can always rely on WIPEX ® products when it comes to cleaning and upkeep. The range includes cleaning cloths specially designed for every area of work and for all tasks. Whether for removing solid or liquid materials or for handling sensitive surfaces, WIPEX ® wiping cloths solve every cleaning problem. WIPEX ® products can be supplied on perforated rolls and folded.

Nordvlies is one of the strongest partners of the Finnish hygiene paper product manufacturer Metsä Tissue, the number one in the Nordic countries. From factories in Finland, Sweden, Poland and Germany, KATRIN ® products make their way directly to Bargteheide without deviation and into our Nordvlies Logistic Center, where they are then sold across all of Europe.

Using modern high-speed machines, tonnes of so-called mother rolls, made from viscose, polyester and polypropylene fibres, and multi-layered tissue paper are processed daily into formatted cloths and perforated rolls. Four production lines, two rewinders and two folding machines, each with connected packaging machines, produce the WIPEX ® products. Flexibility also plays an important role here. Customer demands, from individual sizing and packaging through to private label products, are happily met.

Nordvlies quality management is certified as per DIN ISO 9001 / 2008.