WIPEX ®  ...breezy with good arguments.


Our quality brand "WIPEX" stands for an attractive range of diverse wiping, cleaning and care cloths, cleaning paper rolls as well as serviettes and tablecloths from our own production.

There are specially designed products for every work area and every task.

For more information on the individual WIPEX grades, simply click on the product name.

automotive sector

Vehicle interior cleaning and paint care (polishing). As an industrial wipe for removing liquid and solid substances (oil, grease) from scratch-sensitive surfaces.

Automotive manufacturing and painting for cleaning and processing seam seals and for absorbing solvents, paint residues and underseal sprays.

Cleaning work around the motor vehicle and wherever a mobile wipe system is required.

Precision engineering companies, graphics industry, paint shops, gear construction, glass, mirror and stainless steel cleaning, for residue-free absorption of liquids and fine dust.

machine area

Machine and engine production and repair as a cleaning cloth for absorbing oils, greases, lubricants.

Ideal in all industry sectors for the removal of grease, paint, resin, etc.

Paint shops, painting and printing industries as a "wiping and washing cloth".

Printing industry as a cleaning cloth for sensitive rollers and surfaces, car care for applying cleaning and polishing pastes and for wiping smooth surfaces dry.

WIPEX ®  SUPREME is extremely tear-resistant and wet-resistant, at the same time very soft and low-linting and remains dimensionally stable.

The universal cleaning cloth for industrial purposes

hospital and nursing home sector

In the hospital and nursing home area as a wipe for absorbing liquids of all kinds, in the hotel and catering area as a high-quality guest or folding towel.

Hospital and nursing home area as a cleaning cloth, underlay for instruments, washcloth.

Hospital and nursing home area as a cleaning cloth, underlay for instruments, washcloth.

Especially for surface disinfection in clinics, medical practices, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies and similar hygienically sensitive areas.

Especially for use in hospitals, for patient care and as a cleaning cloth, medical practices, nursing homes.

for all areas from A (car repair shop) to Z (dentist).

The universal cleaning cloth for industrial purposes

glass and mirror manufacture

Wherever cleaning is done with damp cloths.

Optical industry, glass and mirror production, as a solvent-resistant wiping and polishing cloth for cleaning and polishing highly sensitive materials.

towel rolls

2-ply WIPEX towel rolls

...available now!

100% pulp, 2-ply

...available now!

food industry

The cleaning and wiping cloth especially for the food industry, food manufacture and production. Certificate: ISEGA

The universal cleaning cloth for industrial purposes

cleaning wipes

Wiping cloth for cleaning of all plain and porous surfaces. Our WIPEX ®Microfiber-range provides a lot of different qualities. From cost-saving 100g/m ² non-woven-product to woven WIPEX ®-Microfiber SUPRA.


All smooth and porous surfaces on the car, in the kitchen, on machines and devices (WIPEX ECONOMY). Electronics, stainless steel (WIPEX ALLROUNDER).Car paints, fittings, chrome, glass, screens, mirrors, stainless steel, windows, tiles (WIPEX KOI).