…is an „eager beaver“.


The cellulose wipe is reinforced by polyester, absorbs liquids fast and clean (like paper) and is as tear-resistant as synthetic material. The wipes are resistant to solvents and lintfree.


Main fields of application:

fine mechanic plants, graphic arts industry, paint shops, transmission manufacturing and optics for residue-free wiping off liquids and solid particles. WIPEX FULLPOWER products are available as perforated rolls and as folded wipes.


Art.No.ArticleDimensionPacking UnitPalette
140540WIPEX-FULLPOWER re-inforced wipes whiteapprox. 32 x 38 cm Z-folded, approx. 60 g/m²carton at 500 sheets (20 sub-packs of 25 cloths)48 cartons
140540TWIPEX-FULLPOWER in paper dispenser box, z-folded whiteapprox. 32 x 38 cm, approx. 60 g/m²8 boxes at 100 sheets36 cartons
240540WIPEX-FULLPOWER re-inforced wiping roll whiteapprox. 40 x 38 cm, approx. 60 g/m²1 rolls at 500 sheets72 rolls