...is a refillable wet wipe system

The universally applicable wiping rolls of different qualities are especially suitable for wet cleaning. For removal of grease, colours, resins, etc.


Main fields of application:

The wet wipe system is available as WIPEX ®-Wet Hand and Tool for the industrial applications. The wipes are abrasive on one side (hand cleaning) and soft on the other side (cleaning of tools and surfaces).


Art.No.ArticlePacking Unit
999901WIPEX WET dispenser bucket white
1 piece
999902WIPEX WET dispenser bucket blue
1 piece
999903WIPEX WET dispenser bucket red
1 piece
999904WIPEX WET dispenser bucket green
1 piece
999905WIPEX WET dispenser bucket yellow
1 piece
Art.No.ArticleDimensionPacking UnitPalette
240520WIPEX-FULLPOWER M-roll white (paper pulp/polyester) (refillrolls)
approx. 20 x 38 cm6 rolls of 120 wipes in foil pack50 packaging
250420WIPEX-SPEZIAL M-roll white (100% Viscose) (Refill rolls)
approx. 20 x 38 cm6 rolls of 90 wipes in foil pack50 packaging