…is very smooth and highly absorptive. The wipe consists of cellulose, is resistant to solvents and extremely tear-resistant in wet use.


Main fields of application:

Printing plants as wipe for cleaning of sensitive rolls and surfaces, car maintenance for application of cleaning and polishing pastes, for wiping off liquids from smooth surfaces. WIPEX SOFT products are available as perforated rolls and as folded wipes.


Art.No.ArticleDimensionPacking UnitPalette
1189WIPEX-nonwoven wipes SOFT whiteapprox. 30 x 38 cm, Z-folded, approx. 85 g/m²Carton of 900 pcs.
(underpacked 18 x 50 pieces)
20 cartons
2187WIPEX-nonwoven roll SOFT whiteapprox. 30 x 38 cm, approx. 85 g/m²1 roll of 700 wipes36 rolls